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Get your portable water storage system!

Foothills Water Delivery Service provides portable water storage systems. Our portable water storage system can be used for power washing decks and siding, or watering landscape. The portable water storage system consists of three 300 gallon water tanks for a total of 900 gallons of water, and one Honda water pump. The Honda water pump pumps 30 gallons of water per minute. It works perfect with any power washing unit, or can be used alone to water landscape.


The rates are determined by the water delivery rate for your area plus a pickup fee, and a rental fee for the water tank and Honda pump. This charge is for one day use of the equipment. There is an additional cost of $50.00 per day for each additional day you use the Honda pump and water tank. There is also an additional water delivery charge if you should need more water. The rate is based off the rate to deliver water to your area. Call us for a free quote.

Power washing

 •  Power washing decks / siding

 •  Irrigation / landscape watering

 •  Car washing

Portable water storage uses Include:

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